Launch and grow on Amazon in new markets

Produze makes it easy to manage your global Amazon operations - marketing, content, inventory management and cross-border logistics.

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📈 Global ad campaigns

Produze helps brands identify the right marketing campaigns for different Amazon marketplaces and automates the grunt work.

🌟 Opportunity analysis

Using Produze, brand owners can now understand their demand and the competition in new markets like never before and launch their products with confidence.

🚚 End-to-end operations

Produze takes care of export/import operations and cross-border inventory management.


Why use Produze?

Get a single-window tool to manage all your Amazon marketplaces. Sell globally with confidence and convenience.

Traffic and sales dashboard

See all your key metrics in multiple Amazon marketplaces in one place

  • Traffic and session data to compare organic and ads traffic
  • Ads performance metrics
  • New day-parting data that buckets conversions into hours of day
Metrics dashboard

Listing optimization

Localized A+ content for every Amazon marketplace and automated content optimization

  • Automatic content change suggestions
  • Versioning of listing changes
  • Localized A+ content
  • Automated suggestions on keywords to use in the backend
  • Be 100% compliant with Amazon guidelines
A+ content

Send to FBA

Schedule inventory pickup from your location and view detailed information on shipment statuses

  • Find the cheapest cross-border shipping provider
  • Standardized documentation for any provider
  • Pre-vetted for reliability
Shipment booking

Automated ads and pricing

Easily set pricing and ad campaign rules for multiple Amazon marketplaces using an intuitive rule engine

  • Set campaign goals and get fully automated bid adjustments
  • Pre-defined campaign templates for specific scenarios
  • Rule engine to automate pricing based on competition
Shipment booking

Buyer messaging

Automate reaching out to buyers through Amazon using localized templates

  • Get notifications on Slack and Whatsapp when buyers leave questions or reviews
  • Create email templates for buyer communications
  • Automate feedback solicitations